Welcome to Barton Moss Primary School

 I am proud to announce that GOVT IQ recognises Barton Moss Primary School as 1 of the most Improved Schools 2020. I am so proud to be the Headteacher of this unique community school. We hope that you will get a real flavour of life in our school from reading about all the achievements of the children and seeing what happens in our school on a regular basis. We are proud of the wonderful achievements of our pupils, but this is not what defines the children at our school. 

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  • "Since the school became part of the Prestolee Trust, many improvements have been made to the quality of education." Ofsted March 2020
  • "Pupils love coming to school. They value activities that they can take part in during the day and after school. Pupils have opportunities in different year groups to take part in sporting competitions." Ofsted March 2020
  • "The entrance hall celebrates the many trophies that pupils have achieved. This contributes well towards pupils' personal development." Ofsted March 2020
  • "Teachers read to pupils daily and pupils have time to read on their own. Pupils told us that they love reading." Ofsted March 2020