Barton Moss Primary School

What? Our Curriculum Process

The school went through a very rigorous process in early 2019 to identify what our goals and ambitions would be for the next few years ahead.

We imagined a child at 3 and tried to identify what the key skills were that every child passing through Barton Moss would be required to develop to ensure they are able to become effective citizens of the future. We started with why we do what we do, and why we believe what we believe.

We imagined what core skills and attitudes might be needed when that child reached 21. We considered the flexible workplace skills and soft skills that would be required in order to be successful citizens and to be able to raise a family in economic security.  We thought about how we could develop the soft skills of communication and emotional intelligence and how these skills might be applied in wide contexts to ensure our future citizens were given every possible chance to succeed.

We asked ourselves questions such as what will future citizens be needed to do that robots can't do, What key thinking, problem solving and very human skills would our children need to master. We identified that in an information rich age, and with extensive web content, any future learner would need to be able to consume and interpret large amounts of text.  They would not need to just to read but to identify bias, need, important content and compare this withcontent across a wide range of sources of varying quality. They will have to take what they need, and use and apply it in any aspect of their life.

In short the future will require the most sophisticated and discerning readers society has ever produced. We applied these questions to all aspects of our work around the curriculum.  

We came up with a range of hard and soft skills and range of attitudes and experiences and then we tried to encapsulate them into a clear set of our most important core goals and values.  

  • Every Child Literate and Numerate
  • Every Child Emotionally Resilient
  • Every Child Respectful

There are lots of things you could do, lots of things you should do, certain things you must do.

This is how we built our learning across school. Is it perfect? No. But we are mindful that we must prepare our learners to succeed in a future none of us yet can see but we do know they will need to be literate, numerate, emotionally resilient and adaptable learners who can apply a wide skills in a wide range of contexts.