Barton Moss Primary School


 Hi Reception,

Hope you’re all well, I’m missing you all but we need to stay safe and look after ourselves.

Keep working hard with the home packs and tweeting, it really makes me smile when I see your work. I will continue to put a challenge on every day, just in case you want a rest from the home packs. Phonics lessons are now on everyday which are great and will help you revisit the sounds we have learnt already.

We’ve set up home learning pages on here so that you can access more ideas from the curriculum, please feel free to send your work to @bartonmossCPS so we can display in school.

Ideas for at home

  • Writing sentences remembering finger spaces and whooshes and flicks
  • Listing rhyming words
  • Practicing handwriting letters you struggle with
  • Spelling Shed (weekly spellings)
  • Purple Mash (log into mini mash and explore topics)
  • Read books with your family and tell the story after in your own words
  • Retell stories using our TFW actions that we have learnt out loud (traditional stories)
  • Practice writing numbers to 20 remember your rhyme
  • Practice counting with a partner up to 20 and beyond
  • Add and take away 1 from numbers to 20
  • Practice your numbers bonds to 5/10/20
  • www.topmarks,co,uk is a great website for maths
  • Keep fit by setting an obstacle course or accepting the @wearekickstart challenges on twitter!
  • Get creative and make models out of card boxes and tubes

Most of all have fun! You could work little and often for example 20 minutes then have some fun outside, after do another tasks and keep having breaks.

Week beginning 27th it’s smiley face week you could make a smiley face for your window at home.

We will be back together soon, I hope! Keep smiling and enjoy spending time with your family.

Love from Mrs Chew


WB 18th May 2020


Elmer Day

 Elmer crossword

Elmer activity pack

Elmer mask

Pin on the trunk 


30 days wild

Design a bird

Make your own bird's nest

A-Z of nature days

Natural sounds map

Race for a rainbow

Study a minibeast

WB 11th May 2020

Share the love of reading

A Little Princess Story - I WANT A BEDTIME STORY by Tony Ross

Science activities for reception

Minibeast activities

My Life in Numbers

Bee Week

BBCT Activity Honeybees

BBCT Activity

Bee Climb

Bumblebee Maze

Honey bee information

Manchester bee pattern 

The Manchester Bee

Worker bee colouring sheet

WB 27.04.20


Pyjama activities

Reception's phonic and topic activities


Phonic activities

Topic activities

Talk 4 Writing

Reception- The Amazing Adventures of Max


Collins Bug Club are giving free access to E books online that are book banded and the children can choose their own level. There's a big choice on there.

You just need to log on with these details:

Username Password Parents20! and click login

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Number sequence

Maths workbook



Role play masks

Stick puppets

Pencil control

Healthy eating sorting game

Threading activity

Hand print activity

Colouring number bonds to 20

I spy game

Activity pack

Science Activities

Science Activities

 Topic activities