Barton Moss Primary School

The Daily Mile

We run the Daily Mile at Barton Moss every day!

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The Daily Mile is a fully-inclusive, free and simple initiative which improves the physical and mental health of children. It’s a social activity where the children run or jog, at their own pace, for 15 minutes every day and it improves focus in the classroom.

'The physical and mental health of our children continues to be of real concern. The problems have crept up on us and are now so serious that immediate action is needed.'

 The introduction of The Daily Mile for every child in thousands of schools and nurseries is now building a coherent national approach to the problem at grassroots level.

 'Let’s not hesitate.  We should make The Daily Mile part of every childhood and watch as it improves our children’s health and wellbeing now and for the rest of their lives.' Elaine Wyllie

Can you find Barton Moss on the Global Daily Mile Map?